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On Celebrating a Birthday in the Southern Hemisphere

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It’s true that gravitational forces move in opposite directions north and south of the equator. As many of you know, I turned sixty-five on November 25 in Paraguay. My thoughtful friends Martín and María Stella insisted on throwing me a party … but as you can see by the candles on the cake, I turned only fifty-six instead. Pretty good birthday!

Actually it was an excellent birthday, and I am indebted to María Stella and Martín for opening their home to my guests. In addition to several folks from the hostel where I was staying, my friend Lilia (la pícara sentada a mi derecha) came — and was of course the true force behind the switched numbers!

Martín will turn eighty-one on January 30th. He still suffers from PTSD and sleeps much of the day due to his prodigious medications, yet he never stops working. The good news is he was stronger by the time I left. Please join me in wishing him health, wealth, and many more years of mentorship in human rights and social justice.

Our book is more than halfway translated, and we’re planning to launch our Kickstarter campaign next month. Watch for it! We hope to assure that the memory stays alive by reaching out to the broader Spanish-speaking world … and will be counting on your help.

In the meantime, here’s an excellent webpage about Paraguay.

May 2018 inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams!