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JOURNEY To Be “Transcreated” into Spanish

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Friday, July 28, 2017

I’m excited to confirm that Viaje al Corazón del Cóndor is about to become a reality! Renowned multilinguist and international communications expert Rigoleto Alva, a native of Argentina and longtime resident of Paraguay and the U.S., has kindly agreed to take on the project. (He also assisted with the English version and the book trailer.) I’m indebted to Rigoleto and look forward to continuing our work together. He understands the importance of keeping the memory alive as he himself experienced the terror posed by military dictatorship.

I read a little of what he’s done so far and am thrilled with the sound of it. I do wonder, however, how some of my journal entries and letters home will come out! And I’m pretty sure there are some double entendres that won’t translate well into Spanish. But I have complete faith in Rigo to get it right.

We’ll also be going ahead with the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter so that we can translate the book, have it printed in Paraguay, and (hopefully) sell lots of copies at the Buenos Aires Book Fair in April 2018. (We still have to look into the mechanics of that.) Martín’s health is improving although at age 80 he’s definitely slowing down. He is at long last receiving treatment for PTSD, but it’s a slow process. We need to help keep his spirits up!

I hate having to ask for money but must, and will appreciate (and reward) every dollar donated toward making this dream a reality. Half of all book sales go to Martín. Thank you in advance.

We will of course need a different cover. The attached was my first concept for the English version, but I didn’t think it would work in the States. In South America, however, folks would understand that I am drinking through a bombilla, not a straw per se. It’s also edgier. What are your thoughts?