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What’s on YOUR Bucket List?

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Awaiting me the morning after my return from the magnificent Pacific NW was surgery on my right arm to remove a few “abnormal” cells (they weren't yet pre-cancer so I was in NO DANGER). A mere pound of flesh later — ok, more like an ounce, but still significant collateral damage! — I am feeling fine and grateful to be able to forget about it.

This is important because one thing I will never forget is how my beloved childhood riding trainer, Mr. Karl Thayer, died from melanoma in 1979 after his dermatologist had said of a spot on his temple: “I think we can let that one go for now.” Those words have haunted me ever since.

Despite the benign nature of my case, it has caused me to revisit my so-called bucket list, something I rarely do as the thing exists solely in my mind. (Perhaps it’s time to make it manifest.)

One item that's been on the list a long time keeps pestering me: that of performing songs and uploading them to Facebook (via YouTube). Frankly, I’ve been too gutless. But be forewarned: I am now determined to entertain you with a few choice musical numbers!

Now, most of you know this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the greatest album of all time, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. My first song for you will be the quintessential anthem of my generation, “When I’m Sixty-four.” I’ve only learned it in the past year — why did I wait till just before my sixty-fourth birthday? — and love playing it.

I might have been amused in 1967 had I realized I would be sixty-four the year the album reached its half-century milestone. But it of course never occurred to me: no one wants to think about such things, especially at age fourteen.

I will be working up the courage to do this, though, and soon ... a bucket list isn't much good after the bucket's been kicked.

What will you be crossing off your bucket list?