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¡Órale! JOURNEY To Be Translated!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Casa Satori is pleased to announce that we are in negotiations to have the parallel memoir Journey to the Heart of the Condor translated — or, as we say, “trans-created” — into Spanish.

To help cover costs and get the word out, we are looking into launching a crowdsourcing campaign, most likely through Kickstarter. (More about that later.) Please let us know what you think! We’re brainstorming some creative rewards and hope we can count on your support.

What the Arizona Daily Star said about Journey last year still rings true: “Creigh’s and Almada’s stories can each stand alone, but they are a devastating indictment read together.” As the political balance in the U.S. swings precariously toward the right, many lessons can be learned from Dr. Almada’s gripping account of the longest-lasting dictatorship in Latin America.

After the book is translated, it will be available on Amazon (both eBook and print copies) and printed in Paraguay for local distribution. Co-authors Dr. Martín Almada and Emily Creigh hope to attend the Buenos Aires Book Fair in April 2018 with plenty of copies — in Spanish and English — for sale and signing.

If you’re living in a foreign country and have had experience there using Kindle or downloading eBooks in Spanish, please let us know. We are completely new to this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more developments!