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“A truly memorable read. Beautifully written.” —Kay D

“Half of my family is from Argentina. I am very familiar with the military actions there and elsewhere in Latin America. If you are or are not familiar with political and military actions there, this book will be an interesting read for you. It weaves two stories, that of Emily Creigh, a young woman in the U.S. Peace Corps, with Martin Almada as they spend their time in close geographic locations and times. Often we walk side by side with another without awakenings until time passes. Two cultures, two completely different 'everythings' coming from two writers now sharing their stories for us.” —Amazon Customer

“If you have ever craved a deeper understanding of people’s lives in a country where you are visiting, this is a fascinating read.” —R. Litt

“Reading Emily’s story, there’s a sense of being inside her head as she learns about the Paraguayan people and culture, develops friendships, works in the most rural of areas, and, sadly and with great embarrassment, learns the attitude of the young Paraguayan males toward love affairs. Emily has a way of phrasing her thoughts so descriptively that I often found myself laughing out loud.” —Desert Sun

“Having spent 1975–76 in Argentina I was curious about this book. It brought back many memories, both good and bad, from that time. Almada's story is not unlike what I knew to be happening in Argentina. Creigh's account of her life in rural Paraguay is fascinating. It was hard to put it down at night. Highly recommended, for both parts of the Paraguayan story.” —AZSenior

“Feelings crafted with delightful prose.” —MOG

Other comments

“Creigh’s and Almada’s stories can each stand alone, but they are a devastating indictment read together.” —Arizona Daily Star

“[I] couldn’t stop reading.” —Green Valley News

“Courageous, honest, funny, and kind…reads like a novel.” —Dr. Joel A. Dvoskin, forensic psychologist and returned Peace Corps volunteer (RPCV) (Senegal 1973–75)

“Dear E. C. Creigh, author, moral philosopher, and lover of life and such, I love your book.” —Ned Ewart, RPCV (Paraguay 1974­–77)

“I really loved reading your book.” —Craig “Carlos” Wall, RPCV (Paraguay 1975–77)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your amazing book. It only goes to prove to me over and over again, how much I don't know about other people and places—but also how much people are the same the world over! If we could only look beyond ourselves and truly realize our reality may not be someone else's, but our humanity remains the same. If that was your intent, you have succeeded masterfully.” —Joseph “Skip” Morrow, U.S. Army veteran

“Your book is terrific!” —Louise Meyer, founder of SHE (Solar Household Energy) and co-author of Master Weaver from Ghana

“Read your book and found it compelling. Well-written and informative, plus humorous at times!” —Michael Hyatt, photographer and author of Migrant Artifacts: Magic and Loss in the Sonoran Desert

“Loved your book.  I was in Buenos Aires in 1975–76 doing dissertation research. It brought back many memories, and seems somehow timely given our upcoming elections and the possibility of getting our very own caudillo…Thank you for your book. I hope a lot of people who know nothing about what happened in Latin America in the 70's will read it.” —Cindy Tobias, PhD

“I’m about 85 pages in and I’m engrossed in the story. It is mind bending and heart wrenching. The two stories side-by-side are so compelling…on one side the innocence and on the other the blind acceptance of and the cruel participation in the political corruption. The selfless giving alongside the quest for power, the greed, the fear, represent the extremes of human capacity. Sadly it’s not shocking. Everyone should read [the book]!” —Bill Moeller, photographer

“I love this book.” —Lynne Jaffe, PhD

“The pages turn themselves…I have 40 pages left and don’t want it to end!” —Susan Oswalt Holden

“In terms of time and money, your book was a bargain. I got so much out of it.” —Gail Zink Shepard

“It was soooo good. Loved reading every page.” —Aspen Green

“I’m totally engrossed and enjoying every page…Such a unique and courageous story!” —Virginia C. Brown

“I am thoroughly enjoying your book.” —Susan Emilia

“Very well done and such an important story.” —Pam Burris

“Just finished Journey to the Heart of the Condor by Emily Creigh and Dr. Martín Almada. Gripping story of 1974–1977 in Paraguay. Emily was there as a Peace Corps Volunteer; Dr. Almada is a Paraguayan educator. No more about it. Read it yourself!” —Jane Silverman

“Really wonderful, funny, heartrending and brave…the two stories complement one another well, and paint a far more complex picture of life in Paraguay (and Paraguay–US relations) than either would alone. I was a PCV in Ñeembucú (Paraguay) from 2009 to 2011, and it's remarkable (and at times disheartening) some of the similarities between your era and mine. Anyway: Felicidades and nde guapa (Guaraní for ‘you’re hardworking’).” —Caleb, RPCV (Paraguay 2009–11)